What Do You Want to See From Writers? By Linda S. Glaz

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March 22, 2016
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March 29, 2016
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What Do You Want to See From Writers? By Linda S. Glaz

In a nutshell…exactly what we asked for on our agency site.

We don’t want colorful fonts or fonts the size of the Grand Canyon. We want New Times Roman, 12 pt. We want you to tell us exactly who has already seen the manuscript. We don’t want to take you on as a client and find out that you’ve already sent it to every editor in the industry. We want you to lay out your marketing strategies. Don’t tell us that you will start to build a social media and speaking presence. Tell us that you have already built this dynasty and are merely waiting for a fearless leader. Tell us you have researched your historic novel for a couple years, and it is now complete and looking for a home. Don’t tell us that you’ll start the research and finish the novel if we’re interested. And please…DO NOT tell us to go to your website to see a sample of who you are and what you do.

It truly is not rocket science. We tell you exactly what we want, what we expect, and you take it from there, using our guidelines.

There you have it. What do we want to see from writers? Exactly what we ask for on our site. If you follow this, you tell us that you already have a professional presence. And if your proposal looks good, you jump to the top of the pile. Welcome aboard.

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