An Easy Character Name Generator by Jim Hart

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March 30, 2016
April 2, 2016
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An Easy Character Name Generator by Jim Hart

Happy April Fools’ Day  😉smiley face

Why struggle to come up with names for the characters in your novel? Are you tired of the endless hours of research? Have you grown weary of reading comments from your critique group and your literary agent? Are you disappointed to find your beloved Character’s Name has already been used in the most recent Steven James novel?

Here are some simple ideas that will help you come up with creative and original character names. I give you …. The E.Z. Character Name Generator.

  • For a character’s first name simply use your own middle name. For their last name, use the name of the street that you live on.  For me, this character’s name would be Dwight Cambria. (Great soap opera name!)  Done! See? It’s simple! Now you try it!

Here are other ways to generate a character name:

  • Try using the model name of your first car and your father’s first name. For me, this one yielded Duster James.  I can just see the cowboy hat.
  • Take the name of your first pet and your mother’s maiden name. This gives me Jingles Carroll. What kind of person would a character with that name be? Most likely one who wouldn’t be taken too seriously.
  • Use the name of a favorite herb or spice, and the town from which you graduated high school.  I get Pepper Fremont. This would be the affable character who trouble seems to follow where ever they go.
  • Take the middle name of the sibling (or cousin) who is closest to your age, and a type of body of water. This gets me Allen Pond.  Another soap opera character.
  • Borrow the first name of a famous athlete and match it with a color. Results: Arnold Black, Ben Green, Serena Blue, Mickey Magenta. All good ‘salt of the earth’ names, aren’t they?
  • Use the name brand of the shoes you are currently wearing, and the current day of the week. Let me introduce you to Sketcher Friday. (Sketcher likes to hang out with Pepper Fremont.)
  • Take the name of the town you were born in, and the brand of your favorite blue jeans. Sierra Wrangler is what I get. Sort of a mysterious person who is guarded and hard to get to know.
  • Need a character name for your epic fantasy? For the first name just use your last name backwards, and the last name would be your proper name also backwards. This gives me Trah Semaj (who sits on the High Council of the Elders of Beighry).
  • Need a name for your alien character? This one requires a bit more thought. For the first name, use the letters of the alphabet that correspond to your house number. My house number is 121. Or Aba. That’s the first name. The last name would be the letters that correspond to your age. I’m 57 so that gives me Eg. Now I need to write a book about Aba Eg from the planet……hmmm…..looks I need to come up with another generator for  alien planet names.

Let me know what great new character name you just generated!




  1. Sandra says:

    That was fun! Thanks for the interesting insight on how to generate unique character names!

  2. jim says:

    Thanks! I had fun writing it! Now I need to follow up with a serious post this week, I suppose!

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