Chicken Livers and Free Verse by Diana Flegal

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April 12, 2016
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April 15, 2016
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Chicken Livers and Free Verse by Diana Flegal

When we like something, we can mistakenly assume everyone else will like it the same. Take chicken livers as an example. I happen to love them, a lot. But every time I express that love, someone nearby says, β€œEwe! Seriously, you like them?”

Love for a particular author, or blogger is also a matter of personal taste.

Poetry used to annoy me. I did not get it. My high school English teacher was an angry, unhappy woman who ruined it for me with her selections.

Diana Steeler Christmas 2014Now that I am older and my tastes have, ahem, matured, I see it differently.

One should not take it personal when another wants to rave about an author or football team you do not care for. If one wants to deck themselves out in black and gold eyelashes, well that does not in any way make them weird. Not at all.

Permission granted: go find your team, writers group, conference, or agent and editor that get you, and get on with enjoying your life. God loves us, each and every one.



  1. linda glaz says:

    Amen. Unfortunately, I’m with the eouuwwww crowd, but that’s okay! Enjoyed this, Diana!

  2. Connie Cameron says:

    A good reminder not to be so quick to pass judgment on those who are different from us. (Especially if they have a bigger moustache than we do.) πŸ™‚

  3. diana says:

    Thanks girls. I thought we all needed a reason to smile. And to embrace our gifts – unique as we are πŸ™‚

  4. Taste is definitely subjective but that’s what often motivates people’s opinions of other people’s writing or artistic craft. Most people don’t see past their own likes and dislikes…,even in the publishing business. That is why I don’t really care to read other people’s reviews on a novel I’m about to read. They may hate it and I love it or vice versa. That has often happened with movies for example. Rave reviews and I think it’s garbage. I think a movie was wonderful and it barely makes a blip in popular acclaim. We all have opinions, our tastes are not suppose to be the same all the time. Diversity is a good thing but diversity does not mean rebellion or deliberate nonconformity. We live in an ordered society so we have to be alike in certain ways…we must sing on key but we also must be true to who we are and what we do. In writing that is extra important. Our voice must be just that, our voice.

  5. diana says:

    Yes, Marlene. I agree. Well said.

  6. AAAAAAAMEN! Just one more reason I love you, Diana Flegal!

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