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April 19, 2016
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April 22, 2016
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A Simple Cure for Dealing with Stress by Diana Flegal

We interrupt your day to bring you this public service announcement:

Life is stressful. Many of our present day diseases of the body can be traced back to stress as stated in this article found on Meier Clinics website. There is every day stress, and then cataclysmic stressors.

The Stress Management Society lists these everyday stressors:

  • Not having enough time
  • Practicing unhealthy habits
  • Placing more than you can handle on your plate
  • Expecting too much
  • Depriving yourself of some R & R

Katherine Schreiber shared on Greatlist a few more subtle stressors: http://greatist.com/grow/subtle-stressors

  • Late bedtimes
  • Lying
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Opening your inbox
  • Noise
  • Commuting
  • Processed food
  • Dieting

If you aren’t depressed and about to sign off and crawl in a hole, I know something that will encourage you.

Reading is a major DESTRESSOR and a great escape from everyday stress. And if we can deal with the everyday stuff, we will make better choices and be much happier.

This positive message was brought to you by the friendly family of Hartline Literary Agency. You may now move about the country, and enjoy your reading guilt free.


  1. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit since my heart failure incident a few weeks ago. I have to monitor my irregular rates constantly. I’ve noticed it goes too high when I have to deal with people I’d rather avoid, politics, and things like how am I going to survive financially. But, it goes down drastically when I listen to music, read, pray, or write.

    • diana says:

      Karen, our bodies do not lie! Please take care of yourself. Take more reading breaks! Hope to see you at BRMCWC!

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