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April 26, 2016
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Tools of an Agent by Diana Flegal

Agents often speak of the months betwMiggy and Diana Philly 2009een March and September as Conference Season. We attend these writer conferences to meet up with prospective clients, and to give back to the writing community through the teaching of various workshops.

Preparing fresh material to teach is always fun for me, work yes, but I enjoy the research.

Throughout the year I enter notes and ideas into a notebook. Quotes or paragraphs from books that I have read, and blog topics that seem to have resonated well with our readers also go into this notebook. Or that one. Or into a word document. I definitely could stand to be a little more Eddie Cindy and Diana BRMCWC 2013organized, but I gather much of this material on the fly while doing other tasks, so I record it in the place at hand.

This is the time I also drag out my favorite writer’s resource books, and with them stacked beside me, I try to whittle down my topic choices and prepare my outline.

I feel most like a writer when I am going through this process.

Where do you keep and store your story ideas, or your nonfiction topic notes?

Do you collect newspaper clippings, or cut photos from magazines? Keep word doc. files with blog post addresses?

How often have these treasure troves been helpful when you sit down to write?


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  1. Diana, what you have said here is spot on. I keep Word document files with my stories, ideas, and illustrations and include popular songs, news, events, movies, or TV shows that correspond to the timing of the individual stories. Then when I’m ready to write, it’s easy to make scenes come alive with what music is playing in the background, what toys are scattered across the living room floor, or what books are on the bookshelf.

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