Great and Realistic Expectations by Diana Flegal

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May 10, 2016
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May 16, 2016
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Great and Realistic Expectations by Diana Flegal

Smack in the middle of Writer’s Conference season, many agents and editors are preparing and tweaking our workshop material, choosing what topics are relevant THIS year, and what will be most helpful to the writers attending this or that conference.

I am often asked by my clients, which conference will give me the most for my dollar?. Since writer’s conferences can be quite pricey, I understand their question. And I appreciate that they recognize that not all conferences are the same. Some cater to the nonfiction writer and others to the fiction writer, while others offer both, and still others offer niche writing help.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi focused conferences might offer classes in world building, costume ideas, as well as believable time travel topics. Definitely not what an aspiring Historical Romance writer is looking for. Though many writing skills are applicable to each genre of fiction, the writers will grow best in an environment that supports their particular mindset. Finding your tribe, often results in the forming of great lasting friendships. After all, they get you!

Perusing a conferences website and looking over their workshop offerings will provide a huge clue into their specificity, if they have one.

If you choose wisely, chances are your expectations will be realized, and your writing will be the better for it.

Have you ever been disappointed, or attended a conference or meeting that was not a fit for you?



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