Writer Tool: Website Examination by Diana Flegal

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May 17, 2016
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Writer Tool: Website Examination by Diana Flegal


Looking over a list of author websites provided by Bookbub as offerings of excellence, I came across the following two items at the bottom of a home page on one particular site.

1. Legal Disclaimer

This site includes Amazon Affiliate Links. If you purchase my books or other books and products linked to from   my site, I will be paid a small commission from Amazon on those sales. This, however, does not increase the price that you, the reader, pay.

2. Copyright Notice

Everything on this blog, unless attributed to someone else, is the original creation of Heather Sunseri. You’re more than welcome to quote her, share her stuff, and spread the love around, but please give Heather credit. (hence, the leaving in of Heather’s name here in this example, pulled from her website).


I recommend writers and published authors examine the websites of their favorite readers for ways to upgrade their sites.

What I look for:

  • An attractive profile picture and easy to understand author bio
  • Ease of navigation with clearly distinguishable content tabs (contests, media lit, etc.)
  • Promotion of the authors top titles (book covers and back-cover content)
  • Prominent social media tabs
  • Easy to subscribe to email updates
  • Link to their blog
  • Easy to find share buttons THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
  • Appearance
  • Contact information

NOTE: Every address of the showcased websites contained the full name of the author– which allows the search engines to easily locate their site when a name search is done. Avoid cute and witty names, please use the name you are writing under.

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  1. Sondra Kraak says:

    I’d not thought about a disclaimer! I’m gearing up to work on my site and this will be helpful.

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