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June 8, 2016
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June 14, 2016
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Hope by Linda S. Glaz

Yes, once again, we are made aware of hate in our world. It’s nothing new. From the time of Cain and Abel, hate has made itself known. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. Either giving or receiving it.

You might ask me what that has to do with writers. For the inspirational author, in particular, is has a great deal to do with writing.

You have the opportunity to breathe hope into your world. At a time when so many folks feel like what’s the use? you have the chance through novels and non-fiction works to offer the very thing that every heart cries out for…hope.

There are certain things that every person craves, and hope is one of the strongest. Think of the child home alone day after day. Hope. A women who believes she will never be accepted by her family because she chose a different path of worship. Hope. A young man who made a mistake early in life sitting in a cell for ten years. Hope.

We all crave it. We all need it, particularly in today’s chaotic world. Hate does its best to bring all of us down, but HOPE gives us…well…hope for better times.

Does your writing offer hope in any of its forms? Does it lift up life? Does it care enough for its topics to reach out and wrap an arm around someone who has given up?

You have many opportunities to show hope to a broken world.

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