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June 17, 2016
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Beating Defeat by Linda S. Glaz

hs1awhitened“Don’t quit your day job.”

“Okay, you’re a writer, but what’s your real job?”

“Is that really a job?”

“I have so many great ideas. I think I’ll sit down when I have a little extra time and write a novel.”

“Are you SURE God called you to write?”

There are far more well-meaning people and many more comments that discourage and keep us from doing what we know we are born to do. To write. And often, we hear the discouragement at the hands of industry folks. Agents, editors, other writers and so on.

Let’s face it, our first attempts at writing are usually pretty awful, and we don’t have the sense not to send them out. Oh, the stories I could tell…about myself. But I digress…

So, how do we beat this merry-go-round of disasters?

Write your story. Rewrite your story. Write until it hurts. Allow someone other than mom, best friend, and/or cousins to read your novel. And give you feedback.

Critique partners are gold!

Take as many classes as you can and apply what you’ve learned to your novel. Then? Take more classes, learn more, hone your craft until you don’t have to look up every use of the comma 🙂 in order to finish a sentence.

Let your critique partners reread your work.

Now you can do the final rewrite with so much knowledge you’ll have to intentionally mess it up.

You have reader feedback, craft knowledge, and a great story. All the puzzle pieces waiting to be put together.

Write a proposal, as outlined on the agent/editor’s website, and send it to them.

“Don’t quit the day job.” No, not yet, but you are much closer than you were just a few weeks ago. Soon, you will move from calling yourself a writer to calling yourself an author.

Beat the defeat. Do it right the first time.




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