Why Trust an Agent Only Half the Time? By Linda S. Glaz

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Why Trust an Agent Only Half the Time? By Linda S. Glaz

You’ve done all your work, searched and found an agent, and then you don’t trust the agent! What?

Yes, it happens all the time. Your agent tells you with kind words (most of the time) that your work needs some tweaking. Favorite parts that you defend like crazy and don’t want to change are changed without your heart behind it.

You expect advances that are beyond what the industry is even giving at the moment. And there’s no talking you off this cliff.

None of the bigger houses want you. Or maybe they would if you’d be easier to work with, but you aren’t, and they don’t!

You’ve heard of X and Y smaller presses. I assure you that Y is a fine press that is doing great things. For whatever reason, you aren’t interested. I’m surprised and dismayed as I think you two are a perfect fit.

You charge full bore toward X. I tell you I’ve had nothing but trouble there. But in your wisdom, you want it to go there. Because you’ve “heard good things”. I say no until I’m blue in the face, but you pound the drum and want your work taken there.

You catch me on a bad day, and I finally agree (this one is on me, not you). And it’s downhill from there. It goes something like this:

When will I get the contract?

I don’t like the terms.

I hate the editor.

They aren’t releasing on time.

The things they want me to do to promote!

Will I ever see good sales?


-Don’t know.

-Sorry, it’s a VERY standard contract on which they won’t budge and wouldn’t even if a celebrity were to send to them.

-Too bad, at least you got an editor.

-They never do.

-You’ll have to if you want it to sell.

-Probably not.


Okay, I want to say I told you so very much, but it just isn’t my style.

So, instead, I’ll say to the rest of you (whether you care or not) that we are here for your best interest. We don’t tell you a place is difficult to work with because we don’t like some people. We tell you because it’s the truth, for whatever reason.

We want you to have the best possible experience in your writing career that you can have. That leads to success.

Trust! Five short letters, but one every author needs to learn.

We are here for you! To see YOU have success.


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