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July 26, 2016
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Each Day a New Start by Linda S. Glaz

It’s Friday night, and you messed up royally. You yelled at your husband/wife, broke a promise to the kids, kicked your dog (just kidding), and told your boss you couldn’t come in on midnights because you were sick. Liar!

You did everything wrong. Everything! Now what?

When we look at things through the eyes of a believer, it’s very easy to be more hard on ourselves than we deserve. While you might not have done ALL of these things in one day, you may have, at one point, done most of them over a course of time. And because you have a strong sense of ethics, it ate at you like worms at a permanent slumber party.

I say this because we tend to expect more of ourselves than we can always deliver. The same goes for our writing. We expect to sit down and write like Steven James, Mary Higgins Clark, Terri Blackstock, or Ted Dekker the very first time we write. And we are very unforgiving to ourselves when we read it back and it … well … it stinks. Let me say that more politely: it doesn’t live up to our expectations.

So what do we do both as writers, and, as human beings? We try harder the next day. We wake up, face the facts that we aren’t perfect, and try to do it better.

Remember, each day is a new start. The old is past. Don’t beat yourself up; you can’t change the past. But you CAN learn from it.

So take your new start today and run with it!

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  1. There ain’t no God like our God! New beginnings mean so much!

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