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August 8, 2016
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A Test of Character

How do you view others’ success?IMG_7508 adj 2to3

by Andy Scheer

Lately I’ve had ample opportunity to check my attitude. A regular writing assignment I’ve enjoyed for years just ended. Another long-term gig appears on the verge of falling through. And a top client has stopped returning my emails.

A few months ago I found myself swamped with work. Now, not so much. It’s yet another season in a field known for continual change.

That’s not what concerns me.

What bothers me are the twinges I’ve recently felt in seeing social media posts by friends about their latest achievement, their recent award, their newest assignment.

Time for an attitude check. While openings for a certain gig may be limited, we’re really not competitors. At least as much as in politics, we work in a field where character truly counts.

We work in a field where character truly counts.

So in this season I’ll seek to make the most of my opportunities and position myself for what may arise.

And that includes trying to appreciate others’ victories. Who knows from what season they’re just emerging—or where they’re headed next.

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  1. Rick Barry says:

    That’s a positive perspective, Andy. The Lord doesn’t cause all of us to prosper and grow identically like a field of corn that was planted all on the same day. We each receive various abilities and blessings, seasons of sunshine, rain, drought as He sees fit. But your post reminds me that in John 21 even the apostle Peter looked at his fellow apostle, John, and “Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?” The Lord told him gently that was none of his business. May He help us to keep our eyes on Him and faithfully follow, regardless of what others do or not do.

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