Grab an Aspirin and Try Again by Linda S. Glaz

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August 11, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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Grab an Aspirin and Try Again by Linda S. Glaz


Writer’s block! Aghhhh! And that’s not all.

Writing is a singular activity. One sits alone behind a computer or with a pencil and legal pad in hand. The ideas come fast and furious with no Vin Diesel in sight.

Suddenly … writer’s block. The forehead pinches together, the heart rate shoots up from frustration, and the mouth is dry as sand.


The deadline is just around the corner, and you can’t decide how or where the heroine might die. It has to be believable. It has to pass the sniff test. Does it seem real, feel real? If your buddy the FBI agent reads it, will he or she be happy in how you handled the scene?

You aren’t sure. The nerves begin to show.

You can’t think of one more word.

But you’re a writer.

Let’s face it. There’s only one thing to do.

Take an aspirin and try again.

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  1. Rick Barry says:

    Yup. Some problems can be avoided, but with writing, there’s only one way to The End. That path leads through the problem. I have to keep reminding myself that, yes, writing is hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

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