A Good Teacher Repeats Themselves by Diana Flegal

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August 23, 2016
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August 29, 2016
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A Good Teacher Repeats Themselves by Diana Flegal

Evil eyeAs an agent there are times I feel like Charlie Brown’s school teacher. Is anybody listening or do I just sound like this; “Whah wah whah wah whah wah!”

If you are a nonfiction writer hoping to one day be published, it might be best to set aside your manuscript and focus on building your platform. “Whah wah whah wah whah wah wah!”

This story synopsis is great, but you need to tighten your writing by eliminating all these unnecessary words. Harlequin Love Inspired is not looking for 232,000 word fiction.  “Whah wah whah!”

Having a twitter account is not enough. You need to understand the use of a #hashtag and show up a few times a day. “Whah wah whah wah whah wah wah!”

Please do not begin a blog and then ignore it. When an editor Google’s you, they will not be impressed. Bloggers must consistently post helpful content. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Editors require nonfiction authors have a solid speaking platform. This means speaking at least two to four times a month. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Do you read in the genre you are writing in? It is helpful to know what that reader is looking for. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Attending a writer’s conference is one of the best investments you can make in yourself as a writer. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Have you read the chapter in Annie Lamont’s book, Bird by Bird titled, ____ First Drafts? I think you will find it very informative. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Editors do not like to see a lot of words ending in ly. “Whah wah wah!”

Read your chapters out loud as part of your editing process. It helps you spot poorly worded sentences. “Whah wah whah!”

A writer cannot self edit their entire manuscript. The brain plays tricks on you. You know what you meant to say, and it will convince you that is how the paragraph reads. But it doesn’t. “Whah wah whah wah whah!”

Yes, most writers will hear the same thing from agents and editors over and over again, but that doesn’t nullify the value of what we have to say. Consider the tips above and allow them to serve you well on your writing journey.


  1. Nan Jones says:

    We all love your whah wah whahs, so please don’t ever stop loving us enough to teach us. You are precious to the writing community.

  2. Diana, I agree with Nan. Keep telling us what we need to hear. 🙂 And thanks for making us smile while you do it.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. diana says:

    Thanks Girls 🙂 Good to know.

  4. Lynn says:

    It’s 3 am and I’m laughing so hard! Thank you I needed this. You are now a new resource for me as a hybrid author. I was meant to find this post. Can’t wait to devour more. Blessings!

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