The Power of a Word Correctly Placed by Diana Flegal

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September 20, 2016
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September 25, 2016
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The Power of a Word Correctly Placed by Diana Flegal

Swedish proverb: “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”

So true, and yet I would not have thought to say it quite like this. Upon reading it though, I was set free in a small place in my heart.

So often, God has used another man/woman’s words to free me from worry or a heavy burden.

When mental illness presented itself in our family, we prayed and turned to our friends and family of course, but then we turned to books to learn all we could of Bi-Polar Illness.

I am not a quiet sufferer.  I stand on the roof top and holler for help. I think that is the way we should be—especially in our Christian communities.

Consequently, I received many excellent recommendations for websites, books and even naturopathic doctors and health blogs to reference. Though our struggle has been long and painful, many have come alongside of us and lifted our arms when we became weary. I do not think I would still be among the land of the living without their prayers and assistance. #truth

A friendrabbi-daniel-lapin recently sent me a YouTube video of an interview with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, speaking about his new book, Business Secrets from the Bible. The Rabbi’s topic resonated with me and I called my library and they had the book for me in three days. It is full of incredible wisdom. Simplistic and deep—Rabbi Daniel shares detailed Biblical evidence that backs up everything he shares with his readers. The largest reader takeaway is we humans are designed for community. Life is meant to be shared. In the market place, and in our personal lives, we are to live dependent on one another and not in isolation as sustainable living promotes. Specialization (a Biblical principle) enables us to be the giver and the receiver, offering what we have to those that need it, and vice versa.

Rabbi Lapin puts it this way: “Focus on other people’s needs and desires, and you will never, ever be short of what you yourself need and desire.”

How does this pertain to the writer, you ask? Books answer a felt need in an individual’s life. And yet we consume these books in a commercial fashion. The fiction writer writes a story that captures the readers heart and tweaks it just a little, enabling them to see life differently—while the nonfiction writer shares their personal take on how to overcome, or showcases that we are not alone in our struggle. When money is exchanged between the giver and the receiver, healthy commerce happens.

Rabbi Lapin’s book has helped me. I will do what I can to promote it because of that. And when I have the finances, I will purchase a copy and enter that exchange that keeps him writing and me receiving.

Writers ‘up’ the quality of our lives. Let’s support them.





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