I Think I’ll Write a Novel by Linda S. Glaz

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September 21, 2016
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September 27, 2016
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I Think I’ll Write a Novel by Linda S. Glaz

“I have a brilliant idea for a story, so I think I’ll spend my spare time dashing off a novel.”

I’ve heard that so many times, and I wish I could offer a bit of advice to everyone who thinks it’s as simple as just sitting down and writing a story.

Do you have a good command of vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation? Are you thick-skinned? So very important when the time comes to get others’ opinions. Do you have stamina? Plunking out a story isn’t as simple as starting with a great idea and sticking with it to the end.

Some call it a singular profession, but it’s not singular at all. There are dozens of others involved in the process. Readers, critique partners, editors, agents, publishing houses, marketing personnel, and so much more.

Are you still interested? Still wanting to “sit down and dash off a novel”?

I’d love to tell you that it’s easy. It’s not.

I’d love to tell you it takes no time at all to get a contract. It takes plenty of time.

I’d love to tell you that everyone who reads it will love it. They will not.

So be sure that when you start your novel, you are starting it with all of the right intentions. You must be tough, have plenty of stick to it, and patience. Loads of patience.

Think you’ll still write a novel?


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  1. diana says:

    Well said.

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