Confessions of a Binge Book Buyer by Andy Scheer

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September 28, 2016
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October 5, 2016
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Confessions of a Binge Book Buyer by Andy Scheer

Have you ever stocked up on an author?IMG_8031 adj

I didn’t expect to leave the store with a grocery sack full of books. When my wife and I visited the thrift store in Glenwood Springs, I hoped to find a book or two. (My wife may have hoped I’d find fewer.)

In the back corner I discovered a large book section, with overflowing boxes of hardcovers by favorite authors. And the price was right: a dollar for hardcovers and fifty cents for paperbacks. I bought five of each.

Other vacationers in the Colorado mountains may not make a point to shop the book section of thrift stores. But if they’re driving and have room in the trunk or backseat, why not?

img_0978Our final morning, we waited a few minutes for the thrift store in Gunnison, Colorado, to open. This time hardcovers were $1.50 and paperbacks 75 cents—still a bargain. When my wife checked on me, I’d collected four hardcovers and seven mass paperbacks by one author. (I love when whole collections go to a thrift store.)

Then things got better. She pointed to a sign above a tub of tote bags: “Fill a Bag With Books for $5.” All my books fit into one five-buck bag. With the money we saved, my wife bought a purse.


  1. That is the highlight of our family vacations. We go to library used book sales or thrift store book sales! We all enjoy reading, so we consider it to be like a treasure hunt.

    I buy a lot of Kindle books now when they are free or a buck or two. My purchases help support marketing efforts of Christian authors. That is fun, too.

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