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October 10, 2016
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October 18, 2016
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Likeminded People by Andy Scheer

It’s a great reason to attend a writing event.IMG_9177 adj

This past weekend, I attended an event where my interest in books, writing, and things literary wasn’t seen as weird. For three days, I felt normal.

Among a crowd of people who share an interest in writing, I didn’t have to filter my conversation. I could freely speak of plotting, characterization, and dialogue. I could refer to backstory, foreshadowing, and research without fear the person would roll his eyes and turn the conversation to the weekend’s big game.

I saw people choose book after book from the sales tables. No one said they were crazy to buy so much. The only question, asked sympathetically, was, “Will you be able to fit all those in your luggage?”

I’ve been attending for years, so I recognized many of the faces. I tried to introduce myself to the others. This year I made a few new friends and got to know others much better. For those few days, I felt like a welcome member of a large, extended family.

No wonder I’ve already marked my calendar for next year.

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