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October 24, 2016
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Home from the Conference by Andy Scheer

It’s good to take some downtime.IMG_8031 adj

Having arrived mid-afternoon Sunday after a 10-hour drive, I’m thankful I had no pressing Monday projects.

Whether I’ve attended a weekend writers conference or a longer one, I’ve found that if I’m to make the most of it, I need some deliberate time off my first day home.

If I’m to make the most of a writers conference, I need to take some deliberate time off my first day home.

Like mowing the lawn or raking leaves, unpacking lets me think about what I’ve learned. While the classes rank high on my list, I do much of my conference learning around meal tables, in appointments, and in casual conversations. As I put away my travel gear and conference materials, I reflect on what I’ve learned and the people I met.

Every time I teach, I take the opportunity to revise my presentations. The questions people asked at my final session mean I’ll add several new slides the next time I teach that class. I jotted those notes soon afterward, and today while my memory is fresh I’ll make the updates.

I’ll also add a few items to next year’s packing list. (Extension cords with two-pronged outlets don’t work with a new computer that has a three-pronged plug.)

One by one today I’ll work through my to-do list: putting away newly purchased books, jotting thank-you notes, posting a few restaurant reviews. Then tomorrow, I’ll be ready to get back to work.

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  1. Andy, I appreciate that you take the time to write thank you notes, and restaurant reviews. I always liked to update my workshops afterwards as well. But the biggest thing I had to learn, like you, was to allow myself a little time off. A publishing editor told me that she took Monday off after a conference. She said she found she handled the week following the conference much better after that, just as you have learned. Now, if I work the weekend, I take one day off the following week. Makes me a happy camper.

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