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November 15, 2016
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November 20, 2016
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Romance Writing 102 by Diana Flegal

writing-utensil-heartOne day when I had my girlfriends over and my son was visiting, the discussion turned to talk about guys; their shortage and unavailability. The recent breakup of a friend’s relationship had a few of them soured on men.

My son had retired to the living room with my laptop and we were doing our best to cheer our friend up when he piped up and said, “You know what you all need? You need to find yourself a nerd. Nerds get great jobs, make good money, and tend to be very loyal.”

We stopped talking, stared at him, and frankly, were speechless.  There was a crazy reasoning to his argument.

As a romance writer, have you considered casting a nerd as your hero?

You might want to consider it.



  1. Robin Bayne says:

    Yes! Nerds rule. Like ” Nerd In Shining Armor” by Vickie Thompson (not inspirational, it’s more steamy contemporary) but the hero was an awesome nerd who saved the day.

  2. Diana, your post is funny and true. In my younger days, I wasted several years dating a bad boy, and eventually I ended up saved by the Lord and swept into the arms of a handsome computer and classical music nerd. After 33 years of marriage, my handsome & nerdy hubby is still with me and still keeping my computer and smiles running smoothly. We’ve had spells when we’ve crashed, but we keep pushing the reboot button.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Diana Flegal says:

    Wendy and Robin, you both made me smile !

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