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November 22, 2016
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From A to Z by Linda S. Glaz

And what falls in between? Words … glorious, wonderful words.

Words can uplift, tear down, encourage, discourage.

Authors have a profound opportunity of renewing and refreshing their readers in the way they handle the human condition. I’ve heard writers say that they can convey better meaning on the keyboard than with their own personal words. I guess it’s like hiding in a way. We are more daring, more compassionate, more … well_____fill in the blank. For some anonymity is a good thing, for others, not so much.

So we choose carefully in defining ourselves on the ‘other’ side of our writing tools. We show the world only what we want it to see. What does that say about those of us who write thrillers/suspense with characters from the dark side? It’s all in how we handle them. Do we glorify evil? It’s a choice. How about when we write romance? Do we romanticize the dark side of love? Choice again.

From A to Z we make dozens of choices with our words.

Are you proud of all the choices you make?

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  1. diana says:

    “Are you proud of all the choices you make?”, is a great question to ask ourselves. Great post Linda.

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