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November 29, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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Your Name is Your Brand by Diana Flegal

Once in a while I like to remind writers of a few basic things that will help them when they communicate with editors and agents.

Today’s reminder is very important.

Change your email address to include your name.

Cute emails do not help an editor or an agent find your specific email in the hundreds they are working through.

I recently wanted to forward a magazine publishing opportunity with a short window to a few select clients from my phone and could not locate one of them because they had not changed their email (at my past request), to their name. They missed that opportunity. I had been working on the fly attending a family wedding and was not at my desk where of course I had all of her contact information.

bun-ny-whiskersAnother example might be if I recently saw that a publisher is now looking for the type of material Susan Plumb has written. I will not remember that Susan Plumb’s email moniker is “bunnywhiskers”, or the name of her business, “allthingsrabbit”.  I am searching my emails for Susan Plumb. Alas, I cannot find her. Once in a great while, I will go the extra step and contact Susan Plumb through her FaceBook page, but more often, I move on.

Most email accounts will allow you to have several email addresses dump into the same account. For instance, my family and friends use my email address;  diana******@gmail.com. My work email is Diana@hartlineliterary.com. They both drop into the same email inbox.

If you have a popular name that is already taken be creative in rearranging yours, but in a way that can be found.

Diana Flegal might translate well into dflegal@, FlegalDiana@, DianaFle@, or by adding my middle initial I get DianaLFlegal@

If your family knows you as “bunnywhiskers”, my all means, keep that email for them. But to communicate with professionals in the industry, be sure to use your name in your email address.







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