During Down Time by Linda S. Glaz

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November 30, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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During Down Time by Linda S. Glaz

img_0624  That’s right…down time. Even agents and authors have it on occasion.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year, little gets accomplished and for good reason. Those of us looking at submissions and preparing work to send out take some down time as well.

Everyone needs to be able to trim the tree, visit with friends and family, and eat too many sugar cookies.

BUT…it’s also a wonderful time to catch up on reading the many proposals and manuscripts that we acquire at conferences but never seem to have enough time to review.

Hang a Christmas bell, ring my chimes with an amazing historic fiction centered around a beautiful handmade Christmas.

Sing a carol. Read about a romance about a musician and his opera singing girl and how their occupations put a wedge between them.

Drink some eggnog, read about life on the farm…hens, milk cows and all.

Wrap a package, unwrap a read that is such an amazing novel that you want to sign someone to a contract.

Go to a tree lighting, and as you look around at hundreds of strangers, wonder just who the killer might be and how you’ll discover it in time to write your next suspense.

Open a gift…read that one of your clients (or two or twenty) has just won five awards for his/her novel.

Yes, down time is awesome, but so are the moments that keep you going as an agent, editor, or author.

Enjoy this happy season, ALL!

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