Don’t Make Resolutions! By Linda S. Glaz

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December 28, 2016
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Don’t Make Resolutions! By Linda S. Glaz

Okay, it’s that time, but don’t start 2017 with a bunch of resolutions. Why not? Almost no one keeps them. And for many reasons—some good, some bad.

What you can do instead of trying to lose 150# is to be determined to get healthier. One baby step at a time. Great book to help with that: The Flex Diet, Dr. James, Beckerman. He teaches that baby steps in making healthy changes are better than diving in head first and cracking your skull on the empty pool bottom. And he doesn’t see it as a diet but as a life style change. WISDOM!

Instead of rushing your book to release by self-publishing: get some critique partners, go over it and over it until even YOU are satisfied. Know your limits and ask others to help you. DON’T get upset when they give you sound advice. Your feelings are NOT important here. Only learning to do better and better each time. Find an organization that helps new authors. Take online classes. Work to hone your craft. Only then should you seek out an agent, editor, or someone to help you self-pub if it’s truly ready, and only if you are gifted in marketing.

Don’t say you’re going to be open to everyone, full of love, joy, and compassion.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! It’s true. While you should not base your judgments on appearance, a few harsh words, or who belongs to what political party (that’s a disaster waiting to happen and the loss of half of your friends). OR what church someone attends. You should be wise. You can’t simply charge into relationships, yes, even online, without thinking through who and what you are sharing information with. Be cautious, be wise, then love those you want to include in your life and don’t consider religion, color of skin, education, fame—all of the above.

In all things, think before acting. Make changes one small step at a time. Don’t put more pressure on yourself than you know you can handle (it’s far less than most of us think). And be wise in all things. Let others help you. Learn to say no when you must. Care about even the fallen sparrow. God does.

Have a wonderful New Year filled with a wonderful New You!

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