Those Sugary-Sweet Characters by Linda S. Glaz

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February 23, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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Those Sugary-Sweet Characters by Linda S. Glaz

Last week I talked about characters with flaws. Loaded with baggage. Even our solid Christian characters need to have baggage.

But there are those, just like in life, who seem to have everything fall into their laps. They are perfect, their families are perfect, their lives are perfect. They are what some of us call sugary sweet characters. Born with the silver spoon dangling from their mouths.

If all is perfect, then what drives their stories? Do they even need to be told?

Like every living person, something hides behind that sugary mask of perfection, and that something is this: the truth.

No one is perfect. No life is perfect in spite of how it seems to us at times.

Let’s face it, we’re always looking at the greener grass over the fence. In reality, it’s no greener than our own, just different, maybe.

Yes, there are stories that make it seem like sugary sweet characters do, in fact, exist, but that isn’t realism. A nice diversion on a page, perhaps, but not a journey for those seeking truth, answering some of life’s questions.

We all write different characters, different twisting or not-so-much plots.

Fortunately, there are readers who like their coffee with a little sugar or a lot. A little angst, or plenty of happy endings.

It’s up to the authors how their stories will unfold.

Next month, April 12th, Cyle Young has an interesting blog about two-dimensional characters. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Great post Linda. I was writing a story, and asked a friend to read it. I remember her saying, “Well, its nice, but she needs to have a flaw. She is way too sweet, your readers will not be able to relate to her.” Years later it all makes sense.

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