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February 27, 2017
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March 1, 2017
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Your Cup of Tea — by Andy Scheer

Article reprints can hit the spot.

After posting a blog last year, I thought it could fit as a seasonal article for a small magazine. Knowing the editor didn’t require a query, I attached it to a brief email.

Yesterday I got two author’s copies of the issue with my little reprint—bylined and with my bio. Attached was a check for their standard reprint fee: $5.

Only five dollars! Why bother?

With a reprint article, why not?

Sending the already-written piece cost me only a few minutes.

With my fee for the little reprint article, I bought two boxes of tea.

In return I received the satisfaction of reaching those readers, many of them my target audience. They got a new opportunity to see my byline and my bio—with its link to my website. That’s definitely my cup of tea.

Then there’s the check. I cashed it, then visited a grocery overstock store. I knew they were selling 250-gram packages of top Sri Lankan black tea for just $2.50. I bought two.

That will make a lot of cups of tea.


  1. Great post Andy. And a great way to build that platform #nonfictionwriter. 🙂

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