It’s Dying; It’s Very Much Alive by Linda S. Glaz

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March 29, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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It’s Dying; It’s Very Much Alive by Linda S. Glaz

Open your social media on any given day, and you’ll find an article from SOMEone, SOMEwhere asking whether or not Christian fiction is on the way out. There are as many opinions as there are authors.

Writers are wringing their hands and tugging at their collars. Where will I sell my book? What do I have to write to find a slot on some bookshelf?

And the bookshelves have become harder to find as well.

I pick up an article each day that reminds me how much more difficult it is to find a home for a new author writing Christian fiction.

Perhaps it’s time to stop writing Christian fiction, rather sound fiction enveloped in truth.

Maybe the day has come when a writer should stop overthinking the category. When all else fails—writing what we think we should be writing—we should be writing what God has placed on our hearts.

And when we’re sure we’ve found that story, we have to ask ourselves some very serious questions:

Will we reach the teen who’s contemplating suicide with a book about the perfect Christian home, no worries, no cares?

Will we reach the Christian woman who’s going through a divorce by telling a story about the woman who waited fifty years for her husband to come to his senses?

Is the teen boy caught up in drugs and alcohol going to be moved by a YA book about a boy going to summer camp and memorizing scripture to change his life?

Everything under the sun has a season. We know that. And perhaps the season has come for us to address issues in very honest and real ways.

Writers have to dare. Authors who stand the test of time deal with real issues and write them in such a way that truths are evocative, not preachy and not cookie cutter.

Is Christian fiction on the way out or simply finding its better self.

What are you writing today?

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  1. Finding it’s better self 🙂
    Here, here!

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