What Shaped Your Favorites? By Linda S. Glaz

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April 17, 2017
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May 1, 2017
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What Shaped Your Favorites? By Linda S. Glaz

  What shaped your reading habits as a child? Your writing habits as an adult?

Hardy Boys? Nancy Drew? Fudge? Golden Books? Bronte? Clancy? Or something scary?

Since I love dark and creepy suspense, I suppose I’d have to say that the tv show, Twilight Zone, probably did more to shape the way I write today than anything else. I am a huge fan of creepy. And an insane fan of Rod Serling. He said it best: Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull. Yup, that’s where the voices come from.

Love when the reader can’t figure out any of the five Ws: who, what, why, where, and when. Especially the Who as in Whodunit! The how? Well, that’s what you learn as you read.

When I was a kid, I ate this stuff up; my best friend, on the other hand, used to hide under the end table in the living room with her hands over her eyes. Then she’d splay her fingers just enough to peek at the tv, as if that would make it less scary (I’m sure her parents appreciated my folks letting her watch the Twilight Zone at our house).

When I write suspense, I want to think that the reader is mentally hiding under the end table, squinting through tense eyes at the pages, hoping to be scared and then returned to the safety of his or her living room when the story ends. That’s my dream, what I strive for.

What shapes/shaped the way your write?


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