Conferences…Positive or Positively a Drag? By Linda S. Glaz

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May 8, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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Conferences…Positive or Positively a Drag? By Linda S. Glaz

I’m afraid I’ve heard both responses from folks in the industry.

I will say this, you have to love people to come away with a sincere smile on your face. Interacting with strangers can be trying, cause anxiety, create roadblocks in an otherwise festive atmosphere…unless…you really enjoy meeting new people.

What kind of people? People like yourself…writers…crazy folks who make up stories for a living. People who “get” you.

Whether it’s in the classroom or interacting during fifteen minute appointments, I thoroughly enjoy the takeaway of a great conference. And while each is different, if planned well, the results are positively positive as timely connections are made, story ideas are brainstormed, and a host of other activities unfold.

Positive or a drag? Why, positive, of course.

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  1. I certainly hope it is positive for me to attend my first conference this August in Portland Or. I swing from excited to worried I won’t get everything finished in time. I feel like I’m about to enter a different world with its own language that is so hard to learn. I am such a noob. On the bright side, I’m excited to hear Frank Peretti speak.

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