Turns in the Road by Diana Flegal

Wise Words by Diana Flegal
June 7, 2017
Are Writers Square Pegs? By Linda S. Glaz
July 3, 2017
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Turns in the Road by Diana Flegal

Currently I am enjoying a book by J. Brent Bill in my devotional reading each morning titled, Sacred Compass. Brent is a Quaker and it is encouraging me in practicing the presence of God and listening for His leading.

In a chapter titled, ‘Lives that Speak’, he reminds us that our paths so seldom run in a straight line to God, but more of an “over the spiritual river and through the Holy woods as to our Father’s house we go”.

I often hear various stories of path changes from writers when I receive their proposals for review:

 “I took time off from my writing to raise three daughters and bury a son.”

“I recently retired and my husband agrees it is time to attend to my muse.”

“A move to a larger house has finally provided me a home office where I can now write to my heart’s content.”

What turns have taken place in your writing journey? Were they planned or a surprise?



  1. Tisha Martin says:

    It’s amazing to see how each of us is led by God on a path that seems so twisty at the time, yet so straight when we’ve finally turned around after a decade or so, and see what God brought us through, and *how* he brought us through. Along my writing journey, God took me through ten years of college/grad school. I learned so much, only to learn that I have so much more to learn! Exciting times, for sure.

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