What Does Social Media Mean to You? by Linda S. Glaz

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July 3, 2017
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July 11, 2017
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What Does Social Media Mean to You? by Linda S. Glaz

We all want our platform to shine. Long lines in the comment sections. This is what’s going to get a potential agent/editor’s attention, right?

Yes, it most certainly could do just that.

And what kind of message are we sending with those social media comments?

Are we discussing each other’s books? Our own books? Are we offering writing tips to help other writers? Or…

Are we bashing others’ writing, books, politics, lifestyle, etc.?

Just what exactly are we putting on social media that will draw positive attention from agents and editors? When I see comments, memes, and so forth from potential clients that are full of mean-spirited cartoons and language (or hint at it) that would make my grandma blush, or when I hear writers…editors…other industry professionals posting nothing but negative, I sit back and wonder how they feel this will lift up the industry.

And for those writing for the inspirational market, isn’t that part of your goal, to lift up the body?

So I have to ask this question. If you are using social media to impress publishers, why are you being so negative? Just for comment stats? Shock value? And do you really think it impresses (in a positive way) the very folks you are trying to connect with?

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