Kernel of an Idea by Linda S. Glaz

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July 31, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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Kernel of an Idea by Linda S. Glaz

So tell me, what exactly is your method for discovering the new story whirling in your head? What do you see, touch, taste, or feel that makes you want to sit down and write the next greatest murder mystery, love story, or fantasy?

For me, FEAR and LOSS are the great catalysts for my writing. Something stirs my heart in such a way that it awakens fear in me. Everything simply falls into place after I use the fear to build on. For example, the book I have releasing soon started with a child’s birthday party:

Over twenty years ago, I dropped my youngest off at a birthday sleepover. A few minutes later, during what was as close to a blizzard as we get, she called me to drop off her favorite pillow. As I drove up to the house, which now looked cold and lonely, my bizarre imagination kicked in, and I wondered, what if she was only five and couldn’t contact me. What would happen if I knocked on the door and the house was empty? Yes, my mind just works that way. I’m a worrier of the worst kind. While she was gone over the weekend, the summary for Blow Out the Candles and Say Goodbye (at that time under the title, They Are No More, because that creeped me out) was born. I’m not sure how to describe the fear of a child gone missing, but that was the match that lit my creative juices.

So fear and loss are my biggest motivators. Loss of love, loss of a child, loss of my home and so on.

What are your catalysts? What do you experience that moves you to write until you can let go of a particular issue? We write as therapy, let’s face it. It’s cheaper than $500 on a couch. So we write.

What makes you tick in the planning stages?

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