After the Rush of Writing by Linda S. Glaz

Kernel of an Idea by Linda S. Glaz
August 7, 2017
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August 25, 2017
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After the Rush of Writing by Linda S. Glaz

You need down time, and you need it fast. There’s a huge rush when you finish a novel, but also, a huge let down. You’ve created lives, decided how they will end up, and you are tired. Let’s face it. God took a day off, and so should you!

Writers have an incredible ability to get the voices out of their heads and onto the page. But it takes a lot out of us. And we have to take time in between works to refresh. It helps to be doing this all along from time to time, but alas, I know too many authors who don’t take down time. And it’s hard to remain grounded when you stay caught up in fantasy.

So what’s in store? A mini vacay? Read some books that have been driving you crazy you wanted to read them so badly? Go out for an evening of fun with friends and talk NOTHING about writing. Not even, “Hey, I finished my book today.” Nothing at all about writing. Just normal living.

What is your way of taking some time to refresh after you finish a novel or a nonfiction project?

I need to see family! I need normal for a while. As I said in the last post, I use my fears to write. And after a bit, that can be taxing. I need normal, and family is the best way to feel grounded.

I asked my youngest once how she and her husband, both actors, can stay so grounded when folks are telling them what an awesome job they did with a part? She said it’s easy, they just tell each other to take out the garbage or some other meaningless task that means they’re just same old same old as anyone else, applause aside.

You might win a Christy! Whoa! Awesome. And then you start the next novel expecting the same, and you might get it. But what grounds you? What brings you back down to earth after you type:


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