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August 25, 2017
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What’s with this Book Cover? by Diana Flegal

Publishing is a consumer driven business. A lot of factors go into each aspect of a books development along its way to print.

And every once in a while, a book cover is assigned to a book the author dislikes.

Maybe the back ground is mountainous, and the story is set on a Prairie.

Or the people on the cover do not look the way the writer envisioned them.

One publisher I spoke with answered our questions this way:

“Too often authors are only concerned with the accuracy of a cover… a cover doesn’t accurately depict the story. (wrong hair color, landscape, wardrobe) You’ll hear this a lot at writer’s conferences. Yet, authors are often unqualified to judge what makes a great cover. They have one set of skills. Cover designers have another.”

The goal of a cover designer is to help the author find new readers. Most reader comments mention what they liked or didn’t like about the story, and rarely mention the cover.

Though it is hard at times to accept, we must trust a publisher knows what they are doing, then sit back and count up our sales.





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