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August 31, 2017
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September 25, 2017
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Last year, I wrote a series of short stories. I wanted to self-publish them in order to build my newsletter mailing list, but I needed to find unbiased Beta readers who could give me “real” feedback.

I didn’t want to ask my friends and family, for fear they would give me the standard pat on the back or false approval.

I wanted raw feedback.

To make my story as strong as it could be, I wanted someone who didn’t know me from Adam, to forsake my feelings and tell me the truth. But that type of person can be hard to find.

Even the best critique partner can have too much familiarity with your content and/or story to give you the most beneficial critique. But a Beta reader “stranger” doesn’t have to worry about being sensitive. He or she can cut right to the chase and be as honest and forthcoming as possible.

And that’s just what I wanted.

So where do you find that kind of person… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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