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November 10, 2017
Writing the “Smell” Sense: 5 Senses
November 17, 2017
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Think of Your Editing This Way by Diana Flegal

I was listening to an interview between Bishop T. D.  Jakes and Steve Furtick on Youtube the other day. There were many  inspirational tweets I could share with you here to inspire you to SOAR, but this particular one is one I suggest all writers print out, pin to their boards, and memorize.

“Once I envision where I am going, I know what I don’t need.” Bishop T. D. Jakes

Writers of Nonfiction should keep this in mind. If they do, their takeaway will be strong. They will fulfill the promise they are making to their reader.

Writers of fiction, will have a stronger story. Your reader will be satisfied after reading the last page.



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