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November 25, 2017
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Turn Things Upside Down by Diana Flegal

My interests are wide reaching. I constantly read on multiple subjects at a time. As many of you know, everything I read I relate to my personal life, and to how I can tweak materials to encourage my clients and the writers I meet at conferences.

When listening to Rich Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki’s video, Second Chance, he presented the ‘Cone of Learning’, a graphic to illustrate the belief — the way we have been learning is upside down.

Doing- 90% retention

Simulation- 90%

Participation- 70%

Video- 50%

Pictures- 30%

Lecturing- 20%

Reading- 10%



The percents above show our retention rates per activity. The best way to learn something is by doing it (failing and trying again), and the next best is simulation (practicing it).

Social media mavericks know this and have pushed us toward Instagram participation, and vlogging over plain blogging, as well as noting the most shared posts are images and video clips (short ones).

As we speed toward 2018, look at this triangle and see how you can better learn the craft of writing.

Doing = Write a little everyday or week. Seek accountability partners.

Participation = Join a writers critique group.  Online groups are available. Do a google search for groups in your area. Check out Word Weavers.

Video = Take an online Video writing course. A good source covering all aspects of writing is the Serious Writer Academy.

Pictures = Save inspiring memes and images on a Pinterest board to review when you are discouraged.

Lecture (and participation) = Attend a Writers Conference.  Here is a list of conferences Hartline agents will attend in 2018.

Reading = Gather a bookshelf, real or virtual, of writer resources. Email me at diana@hartlineliterary.com and I will send you a list of resources I recommend to conferees and my clients (mention this in the subject line to ensure I pull you out of the email slush pile).

Employ all or a few of the above options and you will hone your craft and better position yourself to catch the eye of an agent or publishing house editor. Above all, be sure to have fun along the way. A merry heart is good like a medicine. And the healthiest writer crosses the finish line first!









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