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Joyce has been a literary agent since 1992. She was formerly the vice president of marketing Whitaker House Publishing and, as the president of Hartline Literary Agency, has over thirty-five years of successful experience marketing and promoting books. Joyce has been a pioneer in selling high quality fiction to the inspirational market and has built an excellent rapport with leading inspirational publishers. A member of ACFW, Joyce is a graduate of Open Bible College, Des Moines, IA now merged with New Hope College in Eugene, Oregon. Joyce is based at Hartline Literary's Pittsburgh headquarters.

joyce@hartlineliterary.com http://hartlineliteraryagency.blogspot.com 123 Queenston Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15235 412.829.2483

Joyce's Clients


Jim’s clients include both veteran and debut authors and represents a mix of non-fiction and fiction clients. He serves both Christian and general markets. Currently Jim is most interested in non-fiction on the topics of Christian living, church growth, social issues, parenting, and some self-help. Non-fiction writers will need to show a strong platform in their area of expertise. He is not looking at memoirs or devotionals at this time.

Jim is looking at select fiction in these categories: suspense/thrillers, romance (contemporary, historical, suspense, Amish), women’s fiction, and some speculative and sci-fi. Fiction writers should possess a strong and growing platform. He is not looking at children’s or middle-grade fiction at this time.

Jim is not looking at proposals for books that have been previously self-published. Please do not send proposals for books that include graphic language and sex.

Jim is also a singer/songwriter/worship leader and has been involved in youth and music ministry for several decades. He is credentialed with the Assemblies of God.

Jim's Clients


Diana Flegal has been an agent with Hartline Literary Agency for eleven years. She represents mainstream and inspirational titles, fiction and nonfiction, but nothing that conflicts with the Christian Worldview. She is currently looking for nonfiction authors with a substantial platform, as well as outstanding contemporary women’s fiction, issue fiction, and formula romance. When she is not reading submissions or stealing away with a recreational read, she is hiking in the mountains, or kayaking the many lakes of her home state, North Carolina.

Diana's Clients


Linda S. Glaz is an experienced editor, reviewer and writer, has been a proofreader for two publishers, an editorial assistant to for Hartline becoming an agent four years ago. She has worked as a professional reviewer for a romance site, and just loves anything to do with books. She's extremely active in the judging community and speaks at conferences nationwide. She is also a member of AWSA, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association which takes her speaking from libraries to ladies teas, churches, and conferences. Linda understands writers, because she IS a writer.

linda@hartlineliterary.com http://hartlineliteraryagency.blogspot.com


List of specific wants: I don’t connect with a lot of nonfiction, so your chances of connecting are better if you approach me with fiction. However, if you’ve got a great romance, either contemporary, suspense, or historic, you’ll probably make me happy. Please no works that include any graphic sexuality or profanity. Please no children’s. And any other genre, if well-written, will certainly get my notice. Well-written…well-written…well-written. I’m not choosy as long as it’s …well-written. And please, if you haven't begun work on your platform (social media presence), you might want to wait to send to me once you have. The most important thing being whether or not I have a place I can take it to. Just because I say no doesn't mean it isn't a great work!

Linda's Clients


Cyle is a multiple-genre award-winning author. Winner of over twenty writing awards, he considers himself a “binge writer” and routinely scribes 30,000 words in a weekend. His book Belly Buttons and Broken Hearts released with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in 2013.

Cyle finds great joy in writing and loves to bounce between crafting epic high fantasy tales, helpful non-fiction parenting books, and getting lost in the melodic rhythm of children’s poetry. He serves as managing editor of www.almostanauthor.com, a website devoted to helping aspiring writers become published authors, and is also a monthly contributor to the parenting website, www.just18summers.com, and the writing website, www.thewriteconversation.blogspot.com.

You can learn more about what genres Cyle is aquiring and how best to submit to him by visiting his website at www.cyleyoung.com.

Cyle is seeking:

YA, middle grade, and chapter books
(specific details at www.cyleyoung.com)
genre fiction, especially romance
(specific details at www.cyleyoung.com)
love stories, and speculative (sci-fi and fantasy)
(specific details at www.cyleyoung.com),
easy readers, picture books and board books
(specific details at www.cyleyoung.com)
non-fiction (parenting, leadership, ministry, and self-help)
(specific details at www.cyleyoung.com),
movie and screen plays (specific details at www.cyleyoung.com)

Cyle's Clients

Ashley Kirby Jones

Jeff Jones

Ann Kardos

Marcie Keithley

Christie King

D.L. Koontz

Chris French Kramer

Julie Lavender

Amy Leskowski

Sarah Limardo

Beckie Lindsey

Jill Roman Lord

Robin Luftig

Richard L. Marks

Jann Martin

Christopher Maselli

Gena Maselli

Sally Matheny

Jake McCandless

Carol McAdams Moore

Bethany Morehead

Cody Morehead

Susan Neal

Sinmisola Ogunyika

Tim Oliphant

Linda Osmundson

Dawn Owens

Nichole Parks

Shelley Pierce

Sarah Rollandini

Dana Romanin

Clint Rutledge

Patty Schell

Olivia Schwab

Courtney Smith

Diana Sharples

Tim Shoemaker

Susan Simpson

Donna L. H. Smith

John Snyder

Paula Sorrells-Beene

Debbie Sprinkle

Bruce A. Stewart

Cecil Stokes

Shannon Sullivan

Janet Surette

Beth Swale

Kara Swanson

Rachel Swanson

Elaine Tomski

John Turney

Sara Turnquist

Bill Watkins

Molly White

Y.K. Willemse

Jean Wilund

Laura Zimmerman

Cyle's Team Members

Tessa Emily Hall

Associate Agent

Diana Assad

Jr. Agent - Special Projects

Bethany Morehead

Jr. Agent

Cherrilynn Bisbano


Patricia Young

Submission Specialist