Your Proposal

We evaluate a proposal almost as closely as we do the writing to see if it gives us all the information we need to effectively represent a project:

1. Please create your nonfiction or fiction book proposal according to the instructions on the individual toolbar tab for fiction or nonfiction. (links below).

2. Your book proposal must be sent via e-mail unless we specifically request otherwise. We do not read or return unsolicited hard-copy queries or proposals.

3. Never send us a complete manuscript until we ask to see it. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be read.

4. Be sure to send us all the materials specified in our proposal guidelines; leaving out items will seriously slow down our efforts to evaluate your proposal.

5. Do not send your book proposal to more than one Hartline agent.

To E-mail Your Book Proposal…

1. Put these exact words in the Subject line:  “submission: title, authors name and word count”

2. Include ONLY your query or cover letter in the body of your e-mail message.

3. Combine the other items in a single Microsoft Word document and attach to the email query.

4. Be sure that your attached document can be read by the current version of Microsoft Word. This is the word processor we use. Mac users, please be sure your document is compatible with other processors.  If you aren’t certain, save the document as a “Rich Text Format” (.rtf) file which can be read by Microsoft Word. Virtually every modern word processing program can output Rich Text Format files.

5. Please take care not to send us an attachment that contains macro (or other) viruses. Our antivirus software will simply strip away the complete attachment.

Agent Cyle Young has special submission requirements: Found HERE

To Send a Follow-Up Submission By Conventional Mail…

If a Hartline agent asks you send a follow-up submission by conventional mail (e.g. a complete manuscript), use the appropriate address, below. These days, most authors tell us to recycle manuscripts after we read them. If you want your manuscript returned, be sure to include sufficient first-class postage for the package that will not expire as postage costs rise. Please do not send us personal checks, money orders, or cash for postage.

Please Be Patient

Allow 8-12 weeks for us to fully evaluate your submission (we try to work faster!). It won’t speed up our evaluation process if you call or write to us. Please recognize that a literary agent spends much of each working day reading and evaluating submitted book proposals and manuscripts and we receive hundreds of them a month. As we explained above, we do not respond to unsolicited proposals unless we are interested in seeing more of the proposed manuscript. If you have not heard back from the Hartline Literary Agency within 12 weeks of submitting an unsolicited proposal, please assume that we do not intend to pursue your query further

Our Addresses

Mrs. Joyce Hart
Literary Agent
123 Queenston Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Mr. Jim Hart
Literary Agent
123 Queenston Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Mrs. Diana Flegal
Literary Agent

Mrs. Linda Glaz
Literary Agent

Mr. Cyle Young

P.O. Box 1

Clarklake, MI 49234